8 May

Okay, one thing you need is a DBA. ” Doing Business As”.  Simple form. Get it. You might need it in some instance.

Now get the BMI form for everyone in the Band. Broadcast Music Industry.  If you happen to be so good as to get Radio play you will need that to protect what the Band eventually developes into songs, and eventually albums.

Demo’s are cool, but someone needs to get credit for the work. specifically the ones who created them.

You need a copyright for every song. Yes, yet another form.  You can combine, like ten songs on a single copyright, but you have to follow the rules for a single “Works”.  No problem just do it.  If you have a recorded show of ten songs, you can copyright them under a single event. Yes, that is legal, and all for one copyright price.

As a “B.T.S.”  (Behind The Scenes)  person you will need to do a lot of behind the scenes work.  What I have mentioned thus far is only a fraction of the work involved.


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