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24 Jan

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Before we get started, please understand that the information stated in this blog comes from personal experience. Please feel free to disagree with anything written here.
There are many guides and references out there which are all useful tools and keys to success for your endeavors into the genre of your choice.
The biggest obstacle I have found is to form a band willing to take on many of the required formalities along the journey to desired stardom. This means the proverbial “T” word TEAM.
Everyone in the band has to contribute something other than raw & or technical talent.
Starting with the “Behind the Scenes” person, which you have to have if you are going to get past the concept of “we just want to play for fun, on week-ends”. There are a million bands out there doing that. I am talking about a band that wants to go all the way to getting signed by a label, and performances on large stages, radio play, & TV, etc.
The “Behind the Scenes” person has to be the glue that holds the band together during the rough times. He has to share in the dream. He has to be knowledgeable in many aspects of the business. Uh-oh, there’s the “B” word. Yes, your band is a business by the time you even think of forming a band with stardom in mind.
I have seen where one of the band members tries to be the manager. That is very honorable. But, experience shows that he is the leader of the band’s performance, and not the manager.
Don’t be cheap. Get a separate manager. This person will have alot to do which will require something more than moral support and cheerleading.
I will be writing a series of articles in the future which will provide valuable information on the tools you need as a manager, as well as things that the band members should do to contribute to the band’s ultimate success.
I will attempt to answer any questions individually, depending on where you are with your endeavors. If I don’t get to your specific question right away, I will probably be covering it in an upcoming topic. The series will be in as logical of an order as possible, although you don’t neccesarily have to do things in a specific order.
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